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Are you done with being a starter? Are you ready to raise your skillset to a higher level? Gear up and get the Advanced Sculpting Set for polymer clay nerds! We will provide you with all the tools that you need, from polymer clay to clay-shaping and forming tools so that you can solely focus on your unique creativity. The Advanced Sculpting Set has all you need to polish off your creation.

This convenient ALL-IN-ONE package provides you with our complete range of tools, a wide selection of in total 18 different polymer clay colors (including all the colors of our Basic-, Natural- and Effect Color Polymer Clay Sets), 2 meters of aluminum wire, one acrylic roller (for rolling out your polymer clay like a pizza), and additionally one tube of liquid clay as well as transparent polish to give your new creation the right gloss and magic. An all-in-one box for all creative clay visionaries to make your creation come to life.

Furthermore, you will get ONE of our officially signed ClayClaim Artwork-Poster.

Freshly baked! 25 min @ 110°C / 230°F

Inside the Box

The Advanced Sculpting Set includes:

Clay Materials and Tools

* Clay Shaper (for details and smoothing of surfaces)
* Ball Stylus or Eyemaking Tool (for all these small deepenings)
* Needle and V-tool (for fine holes and more details)
* Drill and Smoothing Tool (for drilling through your freshly baked clay)
* Acrylic Roller (for rolling out your polymer clay like a pizza)
* Aluminum Wire
* Artwork-Poster (1 out of 6)

Polymer Clay Colors

* FIMO Soft white
* FIMO Soft black
* FIMO Soft pacific blue
* FIMO Soft indian red
* FIMO Soft sunflower
* FIMO Soft tropical green
* FIMO Soft dolphin grey
* FIMO Soft sahara
* FIMO Soft caramel
* FIMO Soft chocolate
* FIMO Soft flesh light
* FIMO Effect metallic silver
* FIMO Effect metallic gold
* FIMO Effect translucent red
* FIMO Effect translucent white
* FIMO Effect translucent blue
* FIMO Effect translucent yellow
* FIMO Effect aqua
* FIMO Liquid gel (liquid clay)
* FIMO Gloss Varnish (transparent polish)

Size & Weight
Fimo Soft & Effect (Polymer Clay):
 57 g / 2 oz
5.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm
2.17 x 2.17 x 0.59 inch
Aluminum Wire:

2 m / 78.74 inch
Acrylic Roller:
Weight 78 g / 2.75 oz
2 x 20 cm
0.79 x 7.87 inch
Fimo Gloss Varnish:
Small Filling
10 ml / 0.33 fl oz
Fimo Liquid Gel:
Small Filling
50 ml / 1.69 fl oz

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