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My name is Simon, and on behalf of the ClayClaim Crew, it's a pleasure to welcome YOU to our Universe. As some of you might recall, I first voyaged out into the ClayClaim Universe beginning of 2016, setting out to inspire you guys with polymer clay creations of yours and my favorite gaming heroes. Ever since my first exploration into the ClayClaim Universe, a lot has happened, and not just considering the size and variety of the content. We recently welcomed more than 2 million fellow creators and supporters ready to venture out into the creative deep.

To arm and equip YOU for YOUR courageous, creative journey, we set up a new Base-Station for our Store on the ClayClaim Moon, which will be a HOME for all fellow creators seeking out their original and unique potentials. Accordingly, we will provide and assist you with the astonishing loot of tools and materials, from polymer clay (FIMO) to clay shaping and modeling tools, retrieved from foreign planets to make YOUR next creative project a joyful adventure.

Thank you for YOUR supply of extraordinary ideas and comments! It fills my heart with joy and fuels my daily actions to receive YOUR daring support!


Simon & the ClayClaim Crew