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Fellow Creator, kindly notice that "Creativity" is a free add on to your order and can't be purchased singularly. Attempts to do so result in "no shipping methods available." Stay creative and tuned!

Creativity never had a price tag or for sales label! Never could you walk in a store nor go window shopping for it. It is your unique power to share your message with the world to make it a more enjoyable and liveable place for everyone. Inherently, it is yours, too valuable to be measured in numbers or tagged with a price. That is why it is for free. A reminder of what seems to be so easily forgotten! Whatever you choose to sculpt or build, draw or write, capture, or share, it will be your unique expression of what is inherently yours. All you need is your beautiful mind and your bare hands to shape your polymer clay vision into form.

Freshly bake yourself every day & create!

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