To answer some of the most common questions or concerns here is a list of questions both related directly to the YouTube Channel and the Store.

YouTube Channel

I use mainly Fimo soft, which is a German brand of oven-hardening polymer clay and really nice to work with. You can find it on Amazon or directly in my shop.

I have a lot of favorite tools to use and I showcased them on my YouTube-channel, just click here and you’ll get to the video, I also included links where you can buy these on, but there is also a collection of my favorites available here.

Unfortunately I don‘t do shoutouts, as I don‘t want to favor anyone. I‘m really sorry and I hope you‘re not too disappointed, but there are just too many people reaching out to me.

If you like sculpting though there is the possibility to win „shelf of the month“ if you share your work online and especially in my clay creators group on Snupps. I try to pick creators to showcase their work on my channel there.

Making your own blueprints to follow while sculpting is really easy. Print out the figure you want to do in the right size and trace the outline on another paper or just draw on top of the image and put lines for the wire inside, then you just have to take measurements and use the photo as reference for the size of the body parts.

And you‘re able to do it for things I haven‘t created yet, as well, so you‘re not limited by what i have done so far.

There are a lot of things you can do to make the process of sculpting easier, generally said working with clean hands and surfaces is a good starting point. Whatever it is you want to do using reference material and doing sketches beforehand is a good idea. Thinking about which part needs to be which color and in which order you could do them is also helpful.

Polymer clay needs to be kneaded beforehand to make it smoother and workable, on the other hand, prebaking parts of your sculpture to fix them while working on top of them is also a good idea!

My camera is a Canon Eos 80D, which I use for most of my photos, sometimes with a regular, cheap tripod for the 360° videos or multiple photos from the same viewpoint. The lens I use mostly is the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM. Other than that I use a seamless paper background, so there are no visible lines in the background, you can easily improvise something similar with bent paper. You can also see my general set-up in some of my Instagram posts.

Hello there, that‘s a great question, but it‘s also probably something where you just have to find your own way. Are you comfortable with showing your face or would you rather just share the process? Do you want to do a voice-over or would you rather just use subtitles?

All in all looking at your favourite Youtubers, also the non-clay-related ones is a good starting point. Write down what you like about them and try to learn from that. Make the titles easy to decipher so people can find your tutorials and also write yourself a script for them so you don‘t stumble while talking.

Try to get a good angle to show what you‘re doing and cut out the unnecessary parts or speed them up, so the videos don‘t get longer than they need to be It‘s a lot of trial and error, especially in the beginning and these are all just suggestions, in the end you have to find your own style and what you feel comfortable to show and share with others. Good luck and lots of fun!

Online Store

All orders are shipped by the German delivery service „Deutsche Post“, which promises to ship worldwide in 10 days. For reasons beyond my reach there is no option to track the products at the moment, but there will be the option to track end-to-end for a great number of countries in the future and I‘ll update the shop as soon as it is available.

All orders are shipped by the German delivery service „Deutsche Post“, which promises to ship worldwide in 10 days. However it depends both on how fast I‘m able to do the packaging and the delivery service itself.

I‘ll of course give my very best to send your order out as fast as possible, but I can‘t guarantee that there won‘t be service interruptions or failures beyond my control. For example delays caused by the transportation system, shipping carrier or processing of your payments. For those I can‘t take responsibility, but I‘ll do whatever i can so your product arrives on time.

Shipping is worldwide and a the costs are displayed in the check-out process and on your invoice.

Every order with the exception of  some of the national german orders comes with a tracking number, after we’ve completed packaging a mail with both the tracking number and website will reach you. If it doesn’t however do get back to us via

All items are in stock, if not I‘ll likely just take them down. On receipt of your order if any items are unavailable, I will inform you by email.

Yes, that‘s possible, you just need to list one as billing and one as delivery address in the check-out-process.

If the product hasn‘t left the store I‘ll gladly just refund the money. Write an e-mail to and you‘ll receive the cancellation form, which you‘ll need to fill out and send back to me. If the product has already been sent I‘ll also refund the whole price, as soon as the cancellation form and the undamaged goods get back to me. The sending and shipping price however is the customer’s responsibility.

If you would like to amend your order please get back to me via and quote your reference number.

You will receive an email acknowledgement containing the order reference number and details of your purchase.

I accept the following methods of payment: PayPal, Credit Card. More information can be found here.

It is not mandatory to register. However, if you choose to I will retain your contact details, which will be retrieved when you log in on your next visit.

For missing or wrongly shipped items, please contact me via: and quote your transaction reference number. I‘ll get back to you as soon as possible to find a solution for your problem.

Here you‘ll find a list with all my terms and conditions.

Any information that you share with me is private and confidential. At no point will I share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent, except as required by law or to fulfill an order contract with you. Click here to read up on my privacy conditions.